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918Kiss Jackpot | How to Win A Random Jackpot on 918Kiss Slot Game

The 918 Kiss Jackpot is the best reward at the 918Kiss Casino Games. However, apart from the 918Kiss Casino, there are many casino games that include the jackpot reward as well. Especially the slots games, they all include the jackpot. In addition, some of the casino games include the different type of Jackpot 918 Kiss: Random Jackpot.

The normal jackpot, I think most of you know about this. But for the random jackpot, we also call it progressive jackpot. It is an extra jackpot insert in some of the 918Kiss Slot games. In the 918 Kiss Slot, they include around 70 slot machines and that’s about 50 slots games that are inserting the jackpot at random. For the sake of it, it is allowing the random jackpot to be activated easier than the normal Kiss 918 Jackpot. And that’s the ability to increase the chances of activating the Jackpot 918Kiss of the slot game.

How to Win a 918Kiss Jackpot?

For the normal well, it is very difficult to win the reward. As you have the percentage of 0.0001% to win that jackpot. Although that prize is giving a high reward, it depends on luck to win that. However, the random jackpot is much easier to win than the regular jackpot. But the random jackpot reward is not as much as the normal jackpot. The 918 Kiss random jackpot prize starts at $ 3,000.00. And you may have the opportunity to win more jackpot prizes.

To win a random jackpot from the 918 Kiss Slot game. First, you must choose the slot game that includes the random jackpot feature. If the slot includes the jackpot, it will show the jackpot prize below the game icon. It is easy to find a slot machine game with the jackpot feature.

So now, this is the point to win the random jackpot of the 918Kiss Slot Game. If you want to win a random jackpot from the slots game, that’s a way to increase the chances of winning. It is to maximize the bet on each line. In other words, the largest investment, the greatest performance. Normally, the return of the jackpot is more than a thousand cash prizes. That’s nothing to do when you place the small bet in the games and win nothing. In another benefit, you will experience the greatest opportunities to win in the normal game with the big bet.

Try to maximize the bet and you will find the differences.

Types of the Progressive Jackpot

Actually, there are 3 types of progressive jackpot in the casino. However, it does not depend on casino games but is an offer of the Casino. Each of the jackpots considers the different level of prize pool generation.

Stand-Alone Jackpot

The Stand-Alone Jackpot is the lowest reward for the winner. Maybe a maximum reward is about $ 3,000. Because this type of jackpot generates the prize pool in a single slot game. It does not connect to other slot machines to generate faster.

In-House Jackpot

The Jackpot In-House is awarding the average reward to the winner. As the jackpot is connected to all the same range of the slot machine to generate the prize pool. Therefore, it can make the prize pool generate more quickly. Normally, you can at least win this type of random jackpot with a value of at least $ 3,000.00 more.

Wide-Area Jackpot

The wide area jackpot is the biggest prize, since it generates the prize pool with other casinos in the selection area. In other words, those Casinos have cooperation between them in the same city. In addition, you can win more than 10,000 cash prizes for this prize. It’s the biggest jackpot, but it will not appear in Malaysia. As Malaysia simply has a casino in Genting Highland, and could not connect with other casinos.

Progressive Jackpot in 918Kiss Jackpot

In the 918Kiss Jackpot, they are using the In House Jackpot method to generate the prize pool. They are generating the prize pool of each of the players’ bets. At 918Kiss Casino, they have more than one million players playing daily. Therefore, the set of prizes can be faster to generate and allow all of you to activate the prize. In the investigation, there are many players that activate the slot Jackpot 918 Kiss daily. It is much easier to activate the jackpot of the 918Kiss Slot Game. Try your luck now.


By increasing the bet, you will win the 918 Kiss Jackpot easier than the lower bet. Sometimes, you may find that the slot game includes more than 10 thousand from the prize pool. Because none of the players is maximizing the bet on each line and could shoot the jackpot at random. Then it’s time to maximize your bet and win a Jackpot 918 Kiss!

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