918Kiss PC Download

918Kiss PC Download | How to Download 918Kiss Casino on PC?

For the 918Kiss, it simply provides the mobile game in the application. But it does not provide the download for PC 918Kiss, so the player could not download the application on the PC directly. Today, the 918Kiss PC download is available to all 918Kiss players. It is a different way to download the 918Kiss application.

For the convenience of the players, they provide the mobile game in the application. Because the mobile device is easy to transport outdoors, players can play anywhere. Instead of PC games, it allows players to play in certain areas. However, there are still many players who would like to play on the PC. So, let’s see how the 918Kiss PC download is.

How’s the 918Kiss PC Download?

The 918Kiss application is available only for mobile devices, except the PC. Therefore, I could not download the application to the desktop of the PC. But today, you are allowing the download of the 918Kiss PC. This is great for fans of PC games.

To download the 918Kiss application on the PC, you must download additional software on the PC. This software is compatible with the PC to run the 918Kiss on the desktop. You can not download the 918Kiss PC directly as they provide the APK and the iOS for the installation. Here, there is 2 software that you can apply to the PC for downloading the 918Kiss PC. There are the Bluestacks and AmiDuos, both support the Android application (APK) that runs on the PC.


The Bluestacks is a PC software that allows installing nearly all of the Android applications as well as the 918Kiss APK. The Bluestacks is an additional software run on the desktop. If you wish to play the Android games on the PC, you should play the game through the Bluestacks. You couldn’t play the games on the desktop straightly, as Android app doesn’t support Windows.

As well as, the Bluestacks is available for the Windows and Mac devices. After launching the Bluestacks, you able to download the 918Kiss APK from the Bluestacks’s Internet Browser. Enter the tm.918kiss-kiosks.com (918Kiss Download) on the empty URL. Then you can download the casino app normally like how you install on the Android device.

Besides that, the Bluestacks is requiring the hardware specification must be at least: –

  • 2GB RAM
  • 4GB of Disk Space
  • Direct X 9.0 or greater

Those are the minimum requirement by the Bluestacks. Some more, it is free to download and the installation. That’s an optional subscription to enable the premium support and exclusive offers from the developers, it is $2 per month.


The AmiDuos is another PC software to support the 918Kiss PC Download on the desktop. But the AmiDuos is supporting the Windows PC only. It will be amazing after launching the AmiDuos software on the desktop. AmiDuos is switching the desktop layout to the Android layout, it fully turns into the Android device on the Windows.

After that, you can treat the PC like the Android device. Whatever you can do on the Android device, you can do in the AmiDuos as well (except the phone call). Once launching the software, you have to download the 918Kiss APK from the 918Kiss Casino Download Page. But not the Play Store, as the casino merely publishes on the download page.

To install the AmiDuos on the Windows, it requires the specification must be at least: –

  • Intel x86 CPU
  • Hardware Virtualization Technology supported and enabled in BIOS
  • OpenGL 3.0
  • Min. 2GB RAM
  • 2GB of Hard Drive Space

Besides that, the AmiDuos do not provide a non-profit software. They cost a minimum $10, but they have the 30-days trailer.

Above is the PC software that allows you to the 918Kiss PC download. In my suggestion, the AmiDuos will be the best choice for the PC gaming. As they perform well on the PC device, but it is not a free software to be installing. You can use the 30-days trailer before deciding to make a purchase.

Install the 918Kiss PC Download Now

The 918Kiss PC download, it has many options for the installation other than the above. But the above-shown, they are the best for the 918Kiss APK installation. If you have not budgeted for the 918Kiss PC download, then you can go for the AmiDuos. Because you can download other Android games as well. The 918Kiss PC Download is one of them only.

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